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What We Do

Scalable SD/HD File Transcoder

For rapid file-based ingest, processing and publishing, StreamEngine® provides a reliable, fast and scalable solution that can ingest a variety of file formats from local storage or a remote location and create linear or adaptive streams for publishing to local archive or to a remote location.

Moving Object Detection and Characterization

Zipreel’s ObjectDetect® can: (a) process an input video file and provide per-frame information on the presence/absence of moving objects, their size, color, and co-ordinates (to aid downstream object recognition), (b) embed bounding boxes on the identified objects if needed, and (c) transcode the input video to make it viewable on web- and mobile-platforms.

Real-time, Speech-to-text Engine
for Media Metadata

AudioMeta® is Zipreel Inc.’s real-time, speech-to-text engine that accepts HTTP media streams as input and generates text (metadata) as output. At present, AudioMeta®’s accuracy can enable indexing/search on the input media content from the generated output text.


hours of video transcoded


minutes of live radio transcribed


up-time in production

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